Qanon republicans call for the resignation of the CCISD Superintendent

The next board meeting and community input ought to be another shit show. It will be truly embarrassing. According to the Houston Chronicle:

A group of Clear Creek ISD parents are calling for the district’s superintendent to resign less than a year into his tenure, saying he has put into place lessons that indoctrinate students with “anti-white” sentiment, an accusation that appears to have followed him from his last job in Virginia.

Eric Williams came to Clear Creek in February from Loudon County Public Schools in northern Virginia, which has become a national flashpoint of right-wing activism over “critical race theory.”

This “group” are the Qanon republicans in the district. The kids in school have more common sense, dignity, and respect for other people than they do. Truly god awful people. Our school board should be making decisions about our students based upon science, education, and accounting principles. Something the Qanon people have no interest in. They thrive on chaos. They enjoy disrupting. Its what they live for.

They probably can’t even spell CRT. The district has stated, over and over and over again the following:

“CRT is not in our curriculum and it’s not in our instructional resources. In fact, our board adopted a policy prohibiting district resources from doing any sort of scapegoating or stereotyping based on race.”

CRT is a graduate course. It is not taught in undergraduate school, or in high school, or in middle school, or elementary school, or kindergarten. Most Qanon republicans don’t know what CRT is and those that do don’t really care. It is all about chaos. Wide eyed, pitch fork carrying, meth head, Qanons.

This is the Republican Party.

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