Hiding Campaign Cash: Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas

I wrote about Lee Merritt who is running for Texas Attorney General who raised over $183,000 in unitemized donations which in political terms is a shitload of cash donations. Who gave him cash donations that totaled over $183,000? We will never know.

But Ken Paxton has hidden over $2MILLION in unitemized, untraceable, donations! According to the Texas Ethics Commission Paxton raised a total of 2,769,969.34 with $2,117,755 in unitemized donations. That means just like Merritt we will never know where that infusion of cash came from. Did State Representative Money Mayes Middleton give out $50 in cash to 40,000 individuals who then gave it to Paxton? We will never know.

Of the $652,213 that he itemized $393,000 came from only 24 individuals including one donation of $100,000 by Michael Porter. 
Ken Paxton, shown here in his booking mugshot, is a crook. Just a Texas sized, rotten, crook.

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