Raising Campaign Cash: Greg Travis for State Representative

I don’t like former Houston City Councilman Greg Travis. His comment towards women are just gross and unbecoming of an elected official but then again, he probably voted for trump. He is a douche.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission Travis only raised $83,050 with $50,000 coming from his own pocket, $10,000 from John Poindexter and $5,000 from Tony Buzbee. (LOL). $6000 came from various PACs including $2500 from the Houston Police Officers Union.

Of the $33,050 he actually raised, $11,050 came from donors who gave $250 to $25.

From Community Impact:

The reprimand stemmed from a Dec. 29 Facebook post shared by Travis that compared Obama in a slouched pose to first lady Melania Trump sitting up straight. Travis continued, in comments that have since been taken down, by questioning Obama’s intelligence and attributing her acceptance to Harvard University to affirmative action. He also attributed Clinton’s success to her husband’s presidency rather than her own qualifications and said Harris received her position by engaging in improper romantic relationships.

And….I was mentioned.

Another caller, John Cobarruvias, who labeled himself as a conservative from Clear Lake, [LOL. I am certainly more conservative than most republicans] criticized those who defended Travis, a conservative representing the west Houston area, despite his comments.

“Racists across this country have faced no consequence for their actions, and now one has popped up on City Council,” Cobarruvias said. “This is personal to me. Unfortunately we had an individual come into my yard and make racist comments toward my neighbor. … This individual was empowered by the lack of action taken by those who had blown racist dog whistles in the past.”

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