Who is running for CCISD School Board

The application deadline is approaching for those interested in running for the two positions open on the CCISD School Board, At Large Position B and District 1. Deadline is 2/18/2022 at 5:00 PM. Visit the CCISD Election Central for details. At the moment there are 4 candidates:

District 1:

Dr. Laura DuPont was elected to the District 1 seat on the CCISD school board in May 2013. As of today she is not running for re-election. Dr. DuPont has served as the secretary of the board. We thank her for her many years of excellent service to the district, the kids, and the parents!

Misty Dawson. From her Facebook page: Education, not Indoctrination: We need to keep politics out of the classroom. In the current political climate, it can be hard to find a way of talking about politics without facing criticism or heckling. Discussion on these issues should happen in the home, not in school–where students are more likely to feel judged for their views. They are in class to learn, not to be divided, and divisive curriculum such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) should be kept out of CCISD. We should be bringing people together, not finding ways to split children apart for political reasons.

Jessica Cejka. From her Facebook page: “I am currently a real estate agent and mom of 3 CCISD students, but previously worked in the education realm for 15 years. I have a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Texas A&M University and two master’s degrees from University of Houston Clear Lake in instructional technology and educational administration. I taught middle school and high school math for 7 years before joining the NASA JSC Office of Education. While at JSC, I worked with high school and community college students, as well as middle school teachers, as they each completed online curriculum and hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities. ” She has signed the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.

At Large Position B:

Kyrsten Garcia. From her Facebook Page: “I am a former classroom teacher, passionate advocate, mother, and learner. Before I graduated in 2008, I discovered my passion for education in Ready, Set, Teach at Clear Creek High School. In 2011, I graduated from Texas A&M University with my Bachelor of Arts in English – Rhetoric.  After school, I worked facilitating leadership training, strategic planning, and individualized education plans for city government and private employees across the state. I moved back to League City in 2013, where I supported sales, rental, calibration, field service training, and inventory for a hydraulic bolting and torquing company in League City. “

Carl Nunn. From his Facebook Page: “I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Carl Nunn, and I’m running for CCISD Trustee At-Large this May. Trustees fundamentally need to earn the trust of the parents and teachers in our district, so I’d like to tell you why I’m running. I think It is time to refocus on our students’ needs and invest in the recruitment and retention of our teachers. We can only do this by keeping the politics and side shows out of our district by staying away from the already banned programs and being the voice for our parents rather than their enemy.”

Scott Bowen. Scott has been a disruptive force on the board. He has brought his extreme partisan political views into the school board. He has encouraged other political hacks to run (and lose) and to attend school board meetings pushing unfounded conspiracy theories and harassing the board members. He is a UFO. Unfit For Office. He has two good challengers. Pick one. We need to take politics and Scott Bowen out of the CCISD School Board and out of our schools.

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