Christine Parizo Part II: Misty Dawson for CCISD

Background: Christine Parizo was a candidate for the CCISD School Board. She lost by 25 percentage points but she wanted a recount……. and lost again. That wasn’t enough for Parizo. She filed numerous open records requests including obtaining the names and addresses of every voter in the district who voted by mail. She attended the board meetings making unsubstantiated claims about her lost election. She claimed the Hart voting machines were compromised. She filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General which was closed with no action. To top it off she was escorted out for disrupting a board meeting. She has since removed her campaign website. Hopefully she has ended her assault on the board.

Unfortunately it looks like another Parizo has emerged and has filed to run for the board. Misty Dawson made her announcement on her Facebook page and it looks like she will be following in the footsteps of Ms Parizo and Scott Bowen. She uses all of the political buzzwords including claiming to be a “conservative”, stopping CRT (which has not and will never be taught in school because it is a graduate course), and COVID then claims she wants to take politics out of the school board. Yea. Right. Her post is straight out of her political party playbook.

There are much better candidates running for these positions who have experience in the classroom, experience in education, and will focus on what is good for the district, the parents, the teachers, and the students. Hopefully the voters in May will put an end to the political assault on our school board and take Scott Bowen out and keep Misty Dawson off of the CCISD School Board. 

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