Who is Fort Bend United and why did they publish a Harris County Voters guide?

Fort Bend United is a General Purpose Committee and registered with the Texas Ethics Commission in 2019. The Treasurer is Shapnick Khan. More on him later. FBU recently mailed a multi paged color booklet to Democratic primary voters with the title of Harris County Democratic Voters Guide. Let’s discuss…..

This booklet did NOT come from the Harris County Democratic Party. It did NOT come from the Harris County Elections Administrator. A mailer of this type requires a significant amount of money depending upon the number that was mailed. As an example a single page endorsement mailer to 16,000 voters would cost about $8000. The mailer states, as by law, it was paid for by FBU but….

According to the Texas Ethics Commission FBU has not spent any money for the entire year of 2022. FBU has raised about $67,000 since they have registered. They have spent about $50,000 with a few donations to a couple of judicial candidates. They have paid a Houston printing company about $11,000 most coming in 2020 and 2021. 

According to the mailer Absolute ColorPlex, the printer FBU has used in the past, is a Union printer but perusing their site there is no mention of their association with the Union. Maybe they used a different printer? Once again, more on this later.

There are a number of questions that remain such as who printed this mailer, how much did it cost, who paid for it, and why is a GPAC in Fort Bend County messing with Harris County Democrats.

The mailer is deceiving. It may not be illegal much like Eric Dicks famous mailer in 2019. (Note: Eric Dick is scheduled for a formal hearing at the Texas Ethics Commission in March) Here is what I think:

Much like another group which Shapnick Khan has established, FBU is probably run by one or two individuals. The recommendations for endorsement are made by these individuals without interviews or research. The goal is to make it look like a legitimate Democratic political organization is endorsing a couple of select candidates such as Erica Davis and George Risner. Pictured above is George Risner at a party by Shapnick Khan. 

More tomorrow.

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