More on Fort Bend United "endorsements". Taking out Latinos on Harris County Commission

I’ve written about Fort Bend United a recently formed PAC that sent our a multi paged mailer with “recommendations” in the Democratic primary including recommending the opponents of Judge Lina Hidalgo and Commissioner Adrian Garcia, the only Latinos on the Commission.

Both Hidalgo and Garcia have swept up endorsements from legitimate organizations. Their opponents Erica Davis and Judge George Risner have received only from groups such as Houston Police Officers Union and Fort Bend United. HPOU are the guys who came out on live TV blaming Black Lives Matter for the shooting of 4 police officers during a no knock raid. It turned out to be a botched raid leading to the deaths of the two occupants, indictments of police, and dropping of many cases due to the indictments. The President, Joe Gamaldi, has since been replaced.

Ericka Davis and George Risner received their endorsement. It’s the only endorsements they have received as of today. Both have not raised the money needed to run a competitive race in November. Both have been ghosts in the Democratic Party. Both are under qualified to be the nominee.

But….Fort Bend United recommends them over the two accomplished Latinos on the Commission. Go figure.

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