Raising and Spending Campaign Cash: Fort Bend United for the "Voters Guide" for Harris County

The 8 day out report for Fort Bend United has been filed.

Raising Campaign Cash:

According to the report filed by Fort Bend United, they raised $28,836 from only 10 individuals with Sylvia Smith donating $10,000 and Amir Mireskandari donating $9000. The entire list of donors for this period of Jan 1, 2022 to Feb 22, 2022. 

Over $15,000 was donated in January yet FBU did not file a 30 day out report.

Contributor Name Amount
Smith ,Sylvia 10,000.00
Mireskandari ,Amir 9,000.00
Law office of Omar Khawaja 2,500.00
Pahlavan ,Abbas 2,000.00
Talabi & Associates 1,500.00
Pusch ,Anthony 1,440.75
Mokaram ,Ali 1,000.00
A.H.D Houston 1,000.00
APAPA 300.00
Forest ,Alex 96.05

Spending Campaign Cash:

During this period FBU spent $35,300 although some were in January and should have been reported in a 30 day out report. They paid $23,800 to The Wright Touch for printing of the Voters Guide. The actual printer, according to the Union Stamp, Local Union printer #43 is Aspen Imaging DBA Signature. Probably The Wright Touch hired out the actual printing.

FBU’s report claims to be supporting various candidates such as Beto O’Rourke and others yet there are just a few expenditures for various candidates such as Lesley Briones, Sonia Rah, and Neeta Sane. The complete list of expenditures is below:

Payee Name Amount Description
The Wright Touch , 15,350.00 Printing expenses for Voters Guide
The Wright Touch , 7,200.00 Postage 
Absolute ColorPlex , 2,394.32 For Sonia Rash
Rash ,Sonia 2,000.00 Campaign contribution 
Absolute ColorPlex , 1,358.95 For Sonia Rash Mailer
The Wright Touch , 1,250.00 Voters Guide
Absolute ColorPlex , 1,033.98 Remaining balance of Holiday mailers 
Briones ,Lesley 1,000.00 Campaign contribution 
Eagleton ,Sharman 1,000.00 Fundraising contribution 
J & N Enterprises , 778.88 Mailers for Neeta Sane 
Imam ,Qaiser 500.00 Candidate for FBC Treasure 
J & N Enterprises , 400.68 Neeta 2nd mailer 
Café Yasmeen , 359.26 AAPI GOTV breakfast
Maharaja Restaurant  , 138.56 Meet & Greet for Lanai & Q Imam
Fitteros , 136.96 Text message service for Fort Bend Candidates
Hot Coffee Digital Marketing  , 130.00 Design 
Salt Grass  , 94.83 DA meeting 
Hearsay Market , 82.06 Meeting Judge Chip wells 
Hot Coffee Digital Marketing  , 65.00 Graphic Design fee for Sonia mail 
Parking at Convention center , 18.00 Representing PAC to Harris Chambers event for Harris county newly appointment officers 
Houston Parking  , 3.50 Parking fees meeting with Judges for their upcoming event 
Facebook , 3.05 Facebook ad for Sonia
Houston Parking , 2.00 Parking near Court house meeting for Fundraiser discussion 


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