Texas Republican Party endorses Scott Bowen in CCISD elections. More disruptive politics for CCISD

The Texas Republican Party at their latest Executive Committee Meeting has endorsed Scott Bowen for another term of “conservative values” of disrupting the school board and inserting extreme party politics into CCISD schools and the school board.

This is significant. An endorsement like this comes with support, money, and free advertisement. It is sad that they are playing political games in our district.

According to the video of the meeting Bowen was endorsed by the Harris County Republican Party in 2019 and the resolution states the TRP will endorse if the county party does so again. It states Bowen was responsible for getting other extreme partisan candidates on other local school boards. That could include Cy-Fair ISD Trustee Scott Henry, who was endorsed by the Harris County Republican Party, made racist comments at his first school board meeting. He has now lost his job with a software company out of California.

They claim Bowen is a rising star in the Republican Party and a conservative rock star on the board. He opposed COVID protections for teachers and kids. He opposed CRT  (critical race theory, which is not, and has never, been taught in k-12 since it is a college graduate course.) CRT is also code word for RDW, racist dog whistle.
There is another republican running in this race and there was slight opposition because of this. Also someone didn’t think it was right for the party to inject themselves in non party races like this. He is right.
The entire video concerning this resolution to endorse can be viewed here https://youtu.be/bSlOh2ohuSk?t=7611.

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