Are there more indictments coming from the Steve Hotze voting fraud conspiracy?

Discovery can be a bitch. I would bet there will be more indictments coming.

Steve Hotze, the kingpin of The Harris County Republican Party, has been indicted on multiple felony charges according to the Texas Tribune:

Conservative activist Steven Hotze on Wednesday was indicted on two felony charges related to his alleged involvement in an air conditioning repairman being held at gunpoint in 2020 during a bizarre search for fraudulent mail ballots that did not exist, according to his attorney, Gary Polland.

At the time Hotze claimed he had no prior knowledge of the incident. Unfortunately he described the upcoming attack and requesting law enforcement backup in detail with a US Attorney days prior to the event. The US Attorney, Ryan Patrick, is the son of Lt Governor Dan Patrick and…..he recorded the call. Hotze might be, what many in legal field refer to as being, fucked.

Who has been charged so far? So, the investigator, a former Houston Police Officer, who caused a wreck with the AC repairman, and held him at gunpoint, has been charged with multiple felonies. Steve Hotze has been charged with multiple felonies after paying the investigator $250,000. Both, as well as Hotze funded Liberty Center for God and Country, have been sued by the AC repairman. The awards are going to be epic.

Who might be next? So who else could possibly be caught up in this conspiracy after the DAs office conducts discovery? How about the US Attorney Ryan Patrick for not taking action even after Hotze told him what they were going to do? How about all those involved with the conspiracy theory like those in the “Ballot Security” committee of The Harris County Republican Party? What did they know and when did they know it?

How about those who were involved the Voting ConspiracyFest held in Houston? This might be a who’s who of who might be involved with Hotze’s criminal behavior, including Vidal Martinez running for County Judge, Cindy Siegel, chair of the Republican Party, Mike Lindell, investigator Aubrey Taylor, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Discovery will be interesting. Who had prior knowledge of this event? Let’s see all the emails, texts, and other forms of communications between members of the party leadership and the “Ballot Security” committee of The Harris County Republican Party. Let’s see where that takes us.

And don’t forget….the former Police Officer who has been indicted for committing the crime might want to finally save his ass and start singing like a drunk in a karaoke contest.

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  1. […] Steven Hotze has been indicted on a number of felony counts concerning a former policeman holding an AC repairman at gun point claiming he had thousands of illegal ballots in his truck. (he didn’t) So the former cop is now indicted. And Hotze also. And the AC repairman is suing his ass off. As I said in a previous post: […]

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