Who is the "Organization to Elect Better Leaders" and why are they attacking Judge Briones?

We have seen this before and it’s just not cool.

An organization called the Organization to Elect Better Leaders has posted some Facebook ads against Judge Briones who is running for Harris County Commissioners Court. It seems there is only one person behind the ads and the organization, Benjamin Chou, who is running against Briones.

The Facebook account for the organization was created May 4th and was sending ads on May 10th. There is no organization listed under the Texas Ethics Commission or the County, or Federal sites. They do have a website but it is generic and offers little information.

Chou is claiming in the ad that Briones is unethical and offers an article as proof from the Houston Chronicle, an article that I could not find. I have asked Chou to direct me to a copy of the article but have not heard back. It seems like it is a made up headline and if true would be uh….unethical. The Texas Legislature passed a bill a few years ago making it a crime to doctor a video in a political ad. I’m not sure if that pertains to fake headlines such as the one promoted.

Choe is a young upcoming candidate associated with the socialist group Working Families Party, one that is supported by Senator Bernie Sanders and supports far left candidates running as “Progressives”. Many of his donations are from socialist supporters.

It is sad when candidates have to stoop to win.

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