#HerschelWalker threatens suit for “Defecation of Character”

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to make sh*t up like this!

According to CNBC Herschel Walker after being caught in lie after lie concerning his girlfriend’s abortion he paid for has threatened a lawsuit against The Daily Beast who broke the story.

Walker called the report “a flat-out lie” and vowed to file a defamation lawsuit against the news outlet by Tuesday morning. Spokespeople for Walker’s campaign have not responded to repeated questions about whether that lawsuit has been filed.

Herschel has responded to the report with a threat to file a lawsuit by Tuesday morning. Which Tuesday morning is still up for debate. According to Herschel:

Let me speak as clearly and coherently as probable. I will file a lawsuit ‘gainst any media outlet for defecation of my character. I will not put up with that shit from anyone. This story started in the toilet and will end with a swift wipe by the hand of the law. Even if my girlfriend who I have never met or known, had an abortion, and I paid for it, and there are receipts showing I paid for it, and there is a get well card I signed, and she later became the mother of one of my many children, it still doesn’t make it true. This crap just will not be toleratable.

Uh…..that is some crazy shit. Even crazier is that he has a chance to be in the United State Senate which would take the stink off of Ted Cruz for being the dumbest Senator in the Senate.

One Response to #HerschelWalker threatens suit for “Defecation of Character”

  1. sneckelmann says:

    Herschel needs to be having his brain scanned after all those helmet-to-helmet collisions.

    The guy’s obviously done some cerebral damage.

    Maybe that’s why the GOP likes him. Easy to pull his strings.

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