Herschel Walker is a perfect representation of the republican voter

Say what you want about Herschel Walker, because I will. Herschel is a perfect republican and one that republican voters can be proud of. He represents them in many ways. Let me give just a few:

Herschel is politically stupid. He, like his voters, are not ignorant. Ignorance can be fixed by reading a book or that thing you call “The Constitution”. No, Herschel is stupid, politically stupid and there is no fix for that. Talk to a republican about politics and you will see why he represents them well.

Herschel is a massive hypocrite. Hypocrisy has become a trait for republicans. They are proud of it. They run on it. They condemn abortion while paying for their girlfriends abortion. They defend the “Sanctity of Marriage” while screwing their intern or celebrating your 4th marriage. They call for fiscal responsibility while giving money away to their buddies. They flood the streets with guns then blame others for higher murder rates. They call for law and order while condemning those who defend law and order and praising those who incited violence on Jan 6. The list could go on and on…..

Herschel is a liar. Just like Trump. Republicans across the board are liars. They feed on their lies. They double down on lies even in the face of canceled checks, signed cards, and multiple kids from multiple women. The Republican Party has learned from Trump that lies work. Their voters believe the lies. No one tells the truth like a republican when it comes to classified documents, porking a porn star, immigration, gun violence, weather, family values, or anything they say. At this point everything they say is a lie.

Herschel is a UFO. Unfit For Office. Like many in the Republican Party Herschel has absolutely no business inside the chambers of the Senate unless he has a tour ticket. Herschel could join other UFOs like Boehbert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gym Jordon and many others.

If Georgia voters are stupid enough to put Herschel in the Senate at least Texas won’t have the worst Senator in the Senate anymore.

One Response to Herschel Walker is a perfect representation of the republican voter

  1. sneckelmann says:

    The hypocrisy is an example of

    1) How they enjoy hurting others – whether that’s emotionally or physically. They’ll always make an exception for themselves though because “the only moral abortion is my abortion”.

    2) Furthering their goal for feudalism where their elected “royalty” has free reign why the peon voters adhere to the laws of land.

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