Greg Abbott finds another scapegoat for the Uvalde Massacre

Well, Abbott found another scapegoat for the Uvalde Massacre. According to the Houston Chronicle:

The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District superintendent, Hal Harrell, announced his retirement on his wife’s Facebook page Monday morning. The announcement comes days after the district suspended operations of its police force and placed a lieutenant and top school official on paid leave.

Abbott has already blamed the 376 law enforcement officers who showed up at the shooting equipped with armor, shields, and weapons and yet stood around listening to children dying instead of doing their jobs. Many of them will now lose those jobs. Many might be having nightmares thinking of the sounds of kids dying. Many of them need to go to hell for what they did, along with Greg Abbott.

Instead of placing blame on Abbott and his NRA party for allowing a law abiding 18 year olds to have easy access to assault weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, body armor, and silencers they just simply rolled over. That law abiding 18 year old went on to kills 19 children and 2 teachers.

The Superintendent and law enforcement know better. They know that easy access to guns was the root cause of this massacre but they seem to be ok with rolling over, losing their jobs, and losing their dignity just so an 18 year old can buy weapons.

Was it worth it?

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