Texas Republican bill will limit tax breaks for the divorced. (Praise the lord?)

No place but Texas. Literally.

Republican State Representative Tony Tinderholt, pictured here as he looks at a new intern, is not happy about House Bill  HB No. 2889, introduced by Republican representative Bryan Slaton. HB2889 will give huge tax breaks to those who are married and with lots of kids.

Unfortunately the bill excludes same sex marriages as well as those who are divorced. This has pissed off Tinderholt because he has been married FIVE times, twice to the same woman. He has clearly violated the “Sanctity of Marriage and One Man One Woman”. He has 3 kids from 2 of his wives. According to Reform Austin Tinderholt has voted against protecting women’s health and safety of children. He had a restraining order placed on him after his first marriage which included:

  • “Threatening Petitioner in person, by telephone, or in writing to take unlawful action against any person.”
  • “Causing bodily injury to Petitioner or to a child of either party.”
  • “Destroying, removing, concealing, encumbering, transferring, or otherwise harming or reducing the value of the property of one or both of the parties.”

Slaton’s bill will deny Tinderholt the right to benefit from the tax cuts for straight, white, christian, praise the lord, couples. Tinderholt responded:

“I intend to fight this bill and will beat off my opponents with both hands!.” (Actually he didn’t say this but it is funny!) It is clear the from bills filed the republican purity police is out in force.

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