Questions we should ask CCISD candidates.

Maybe the moderators of the various debates would consider asking these questions to the candidates.

The parents, students, and teachers are lucky to have a very impressive School Board to represent them in educational matters. Most of them are truly dedicated to making CCISD a shining example of how a school board can maintain and improve education for those entering the workforce or moving on to a college degree.

Unfortunately over the last coupe of elections special interest, partisan politics, and unlimited outside campaign funds have been introduced into our elections resulting in electing UFOs (Unqualified For Office) and bringing chaos into the board. Our district has survived this attack so far and has rejected extreme candidates in the last two elections but it continues in the election of 2023. With that in mind I think these are very valid questions to ask candidates running for the CCISD School Board:

Will you accept the results of the election after certification? The only answer should be YES or NO not YES or NO (unless I win) In the last two elections the losing candidates requested recounts, demanded investigations, and one actually sued the winning candidate to force a new election. (it was eventually withdrawn) There hasn’t been one single credible bit of evidence of voting irregularities in any local election, so will you accept the results of the election or should we expect you to whine like a little bitch if you lose?

Why are you running? If you are running against an incumbent tell us what drove you to challenge him/her. What is the School Board lacking that made you wake up one morning and say “I’m running for the school board!”. All candidates should make it very clear why they are running for an unpaid job that will take time and effort.

Will you accept out of district money? In the last election thousands of dollars came from a partisan organization into a losing effort to win a seat on the board. In one race $8000 was spent. In another $20,000 plus the partisan organization’s contribution in mailers. Will you be accepting support in money or resources from partisan organizations, PACs, out of district donors, or special interests?

Have you ever been a member of a political organization. If so what positions did you hold and how will that help you in school board matters? Participation in a political organization should not be a disqualifying attribute but it should be made clear to the voters. Many former board members have been associated with political organizations but they did not wear it on their shoulders and they have successfully represented the district and not party politics.

If you win and serve your term what will you want to have accomplished? Looking ahead, and looking back, what would be your shining achievement serving on the school board. What would you consider as your specific major accomplish?

What educational qualifications do you bring to the board? Have you participated in school board committee? Do you have an education background as a teacher, administrator, or employee of the school district. Have you participated in school activities with your kids?

We have a couple of good races coming up in May. Contact info, websites, etc will be provided soon. If you have other questions that should be asked please send them and I will update this post.

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