Christian Republican State Representative Bryan Slaton. It’s like a nightmare.

It’s like a nightmare isn’t it? It just gets worse and worse. –The Color of Money

OMG! (literally) Christian Conservative Republican State Representative Bryan Slaton, 45 and married, is in really deep poo after an ethics complaint was filed against him for providing alcohol to an underage intern. But, as in The Color of Money, it’s getting worse. Much worse. According to the Texas Tribune:

A Capitol staffer alleged in an internal complaint that state Rep. Bryan Slaton, R-Royse City, had “sexual relations” with an intern two weeks ago.

Oh fuuuuuuuudge! Not only is it a crime to provide alcohol to someone under the age of 21, a misdemeanor, having sex with an intern might be an abuse of power, a felony. But OMG it just gets worse:

The same day, Slaton allegedly showed the intern emails from his personal account that accused him of having sex with a staffer, according to the complaint. The staffer believed Slaton wrote the emails as a test to see if she would report him. Slaton told her and her friends to keep quiet, according to the report.

And….obstructing justice is yet another felony. Luckily the Republicans are taking action by filing a bill to address Republicans having sex with interns. (Seriously) “Sen. Drew Springer, R-Muenster, drafted bill language that would target members of the Legislature who engage in grooming behavior with victims under the age of 21.” It’s amazing that a bill has to be filed to tell republicans not to pork interns or not to send dic pics as Republican Senator Charles Schwertner did.

The republican controlled House is trying to coverup this situation by starting an internal investigation. I am sure the Travis County DA has already started their own investigation. I bet Slaton is having a heck of a time explaining all this to his church and wife. BTW Slaton is a former pastor, received a BA in youth ministry and served as a youth minister for 13 years in The Church of Incredible Hypocrites.

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