In Texas calling a woman the C word gets you reelected. Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller

Texas has their own unique Texas sized family values.

Case in point. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid “The C*nt” Miller. Unlike Tucker Carlson who was fired from Fox News for calling a woman the C word, Sid Miller was reelected to serve the woman of Texas. Twice. Maybe Texas Republican women have lower self esteem and don’t mind an elected official referring to anyone as a C*nt.

Usually anyone referring to a woman as a C*nt would be fired, slapped, or would get a well deserved ass kicking but here in Texas it’s just a part of Republican Christian family values and will end with a reelection. Texas Republican women aren’t snowflakes. They don’t mind the abuse just as long as they are owning the libs.

Miller isn’t the only one who has problems with women. State Representative Bryan Slaton is being accused of porking an intern and is currently under investigation. And there is Senator Charles Schwertner who sent dick pics to a student at Texas University. And there was former Congressman Joe Barton who resigned after sending dick pics to a woman. And Congressman Blake Farenthold was accused of sexual harassment.

All of them are republicans.

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