Can CCISD voters beat back billionaires?

Can we do it again?

CCISD voters have rejected UFOs (Unqualified For Office) candidates in the past. The CCISD’s version of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Christine Parizo, lost by 25% but she demanded recounts and opinions from the Texas Attorney General leading to her being escorted out of a CCISD Board meeting.

Misty Dawson, one of the biggest UFOs to ever run for school board lost but only by 40 votes. She literally was unable to answer questions at an education forum. She lost and after a recount pulled a republican trick and sued like the whiny little witches of the Harris County Republican Party. She was recruited by Trustee Scott Bowen and funded in part by the party.

This election is different. Trustee Bowen reached out to his buddies at Defend Texas Liberty PAC, to fund Peter Lauzon’s campaign. This group is funded by two billionaires, featured on CNN, with the sole purpose of flooding school districts with partisan money in order to take over the boards. Lauzon is also lacking in education experience and common decency. His many faults should be enough for him to be disqualified from running for any office but when you have billionaires funding your campaign anything can happen.

We are waiting for that anything to happen. CCISD voters have seen the chaos brought to the board by partisan hacks like Scott Bowen pushing the CRT unicorn and the attacks on our gay family members, parents, teachers, students, and CCISD workers. Hopefully they will see through their bullshit even after being flooded with mailers from the billionaires. Our kids, teachers, parents, and the community deserve better.

BTW. Campaign finance reports are due this Friday. We will see if anyone is hiding donations.

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