8 Day out campaign finance reports for CCISD

UPDATED: I’ve added the totals for the other candidates.

Peter Lauzon
Lauson has raised only $503 from inside CCISD. He has accepted $7070 from two candidates/PACs. Alexandra Mealer who lost her election in 2022 and has sued, like trump, claiming fraud (there was none) has donated $2070 for texting services. Another $5000 was donated by an extreme far right PAC from Dallas funded by two billionaires. He donated another $1000 of his own money to the campaign for a total of $3000. He has spent a total of $8100 with $6060 going towards mailers. He has $294 cash on hand.

It is sad that he has to depend on money from outside the district. He is in this race for the far right reasons.

District 2
Jamieson Mackay434639633820
Glencora Rodgers6501036821369400
District 3
Arturo Sanchez301038501526950
Peter Lauzon3295813629451350

3 Responses to 8 Day out campaign finance reports for CCISD

  1. Robert Cates says:

    What about Glencora Rodgers? I ran across a copy of a campaign finance report dated 4-6-23 with $5k from the Defend Texas Liberty PAC. Another far right candidate?

  2. […] mailer has not been reported by Lauzon or his party but it is probably in the $6000 range. He has raised only $503 from the district. And yet he wants to keep political agendas out of our […]

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