Fact checking the lies of CCISD Trustee Candidate Peter Lauzon

Donald Trump taught the Republican Party how to lie and they do it. Every. Damn. Day.

Far right on queue Peter Lauzon sent out a mailer, paid for by the Republican Party, that attacked his opponent with lies and misinformation. Former Trustee Laura Dupont took the time to explain the facts and debunk Lauzon’s attack:

I am sickened by the misleading statements and absolute lies that are plastered on texts and flyers against Arturo Sanchez in the CCISD District 3 School Board race. Please reach out to a credible source and learn the facts before you cast your vote on Saturday.

Here are a few facts to start with:

* The CCISD Board of Trustees has not held a vote on changing or eliminating the homestead exemption in over 10 years. In fact, it has been a board assumption each year to maintain the exemption.

* The entire board has been unanimous in voting for a tax rate CUT every year since 2018.

* The amount of school taxes we pay has been increasing because of rising property values – this is not controlled by the school board. In fact, the state uses this to their own advantage such that the state contribution to school funding has decreased every year since 2019.

* Every action the board takes is based on a vote of 7 people. One trustee cannot raise – or lower – taxes on their own.

* Every school district in this state, including CCISD, is anticipating a funding crisis next year if our legislature continues down the path of not using a cash surplus to increase the basic allotment (which has not changed since 2019!) and adequately fund public education, at least correcting for inflation. Texas is currently ranked 48th in the country for per-student funding of public education.

The Republican Party has become nothing more than a pack of damn liars much like George Santos, Donald Trump, and Peter Lauzon. It is sad.

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