Houston Chronicle punts on CCISD coverage

Thanks to the Galveston Daily News for covering the CCISD Trustee election.

The GDN did a great job reporting on the outside PACs infiltrating our local elections in support of one candidate, Peter Lauzon. Lauzon is running in District 3, in Harris County. Although I appreciate the coverage I wish the Chronicle had reported on it since it is in their area.

The Chronicle has covered other districts like Katy and HISD but posted only one CCISD article allowing the candidates to introduce themselves. The Clear Lake area has become a media desert on issues such as the CCISD elections and local politics.

GCN’s article was brutally truthful. Lauzon is the only candidate being funded solely by outside extreme PACs. Here are a couple of tidbits:

The political action committee, which has donated the bulk of Lauzon’s total campaign dollars, has expended more than $10 million in donations toward conservative Republican organizations, home-school coalitions and Republican Party state representatives and senators.

When asked whether he would feel comfortable with other candidates accepting monetary donations from political action committees, Lauzon declined to comment.

This is actually a typical response from Lauzon. If he doesnt like your questions on his Campaign site, he blocks you. When he is caught lying on his website he limits comments. GCN reported on another CCISD candidate:

Glencora Rodgers, a candidate running for Position 2 on the board, was given $5,000 from the political action committee but returned the money, according to reports.

Rodgers, who said she doesn’t have a specific opinion on other candidates accepting PAC money, was a little skeptical after receiving a check in the mail for $5,000.

“I learned that the PAC doesn’t completely align with my values,” she said. “I want my race to be about school issues. I want people in the community to know that my only loyalty is to them.”

Kudos to Glencora. Three out of the four candidates running for the CCISD Board have run honorable campaigns, raising money from the district, with no allegiance to anyone but our parents, teachers, and students.

Maybe if CCISD voters vote against the billionaires who are funding Lauzon the Houston Chronicle would be interested.

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