Another crushing defeat for CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen

Three is a charm.

Well another one of Bowen’s Buddies, Peter Lauzon, lost last night in his race for CCISD Trustee. Bowen’s Buddies haven’t had much success lately. The parents of CCISD have rejected Bowen’s Buddies, Christine Parizo with a 25 point defeat, Misty Dawson lost by a slim margin of 40 votes, and now Peter Lauzon has lost by a whopping 20 points. Bowen himself failed to get 50% of the vote for his re-election in 2022.

Extreme partisan political PACs spent over $10,000 on Lauzon’s campaign, not including the cost of texting and mass emails, in another losing effort. Maybe the parents of CCISD are telling partisan organizations something. School districts are NOT partisan playgrounds. They are non-partisan races with candidates running that are interested in the well being of the district, the parents, the kids, and the teachers of the district. Partisan politics are not welcomed at CCISD. Be a Republican or Democrat but leave that at the door as most Trustees have done until recently.

Ever since Bowen Buddies won seats on the board, beating honorable Trustees who were excellent at their jobs, there has been chaos in the Board and at Board meetings. Bowen and his buddies brought their hate for the gay community and racist, divisive, issues such as the mythical CRT issue. Their intentions have been caught on camera and have been defined in their party platform. It isn’t any secret why they are running.

And losing, thanks to the parents of CCISD. Let’s continue to keep politics out of our school districts by electing candidates who will run honorable campaigns, raise money from the district, and run for the right reasons.

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