Bay Area Community meeting to address gun violence

After 3 mass shootings taking the lives of 34 Texans including 19 children at Ross Elementary it is clear our elected officials will not take action to curb this violence. It is time to take this issue into our own hands.

They have done nothing but pour billions of dollars on school safety, still leaving our schools wide open to an assault. They have done nothing to secure our safety in churches, Walmarts, shopping malls, 4th of July parades, dance clubs, concerts and other public places. We are not even safe in our own homes and yet they are silent.

As are we. It is time to have a discussion about gun violence. A frank, face to face, uncomfortable discussion to address this violence before we become victims ourselves. So I have a question for you:

Would you attend? Would you take a couple of hours to have a frank discussion with our elected officials on gun violence? The ground rules would be simple:

  • Non partisan. Leave your politics at the door or leave through the door
  • All elected officials would be invited to attend or to send a represenative
  • Media would also be invited
  • Presentations on gun violence would be provided by invited speakers
  • Elected officials will be asked to provide comments and participate in the discussion

Our elected officials are sitting on their ass while Texas is #1 in mass shootings. Something has to happen. Would you be interested in attending? Would you be interested in volunteering?

Or will you just sit on your ass and do nothing?

email me or add a comment below.

7 Responses to Bay Area Community meeting to address gun violence

  1. Ann Hammond says:

    Looks good to me. Ann

  2. flora says:

    I’d go! At this point (like climate change) we need a lot of solutions working together, and a lot of these solutions can happen on the local level. we could maybe even make a survey and send it around to the community, tally the results and give that feedback to all of our representatives.

  3. Jeanette Smith - retired teacher says:

    I would be interested in attending.

  4. Katherine Hale says:

    I think I would. However, how are you going to get our Republican elected officials to attend? I do think they will avoid us and the subject.

  5. Judith klassen says:

    Yes, yes, yes . Also are you sending an invitation to our elected representatives?

  6. Linda Fischer says:

    When? Where? How often?

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