Now the GOP is against lying? Representative Elect George Santos.

December 28, 2022

After 6 years of supporting Donald Trump as he lied on a daily basis the Republican Party is now shocked that one of their candidates for Congress lied about his heritage, his education, his job, and his entire life. Shocked my ass. None of them are calling for Representative Elect George Santos to resign.

Santos pulled a Trump on the congressional district in New York. He lied about being Jewish, about working for Goldman Sachs, and about graduating from college and it worked. He flipped a blue district in New York. Even Fox News was outraged, but not enough for them to call for his resignation. In fact no Republican has called for his resignation. None. Zero. Zip.

Republicans hate to admit it but they are nothing but a pack of liars. George Santos is a liar. He represents the party very well alongside of Donald Trump. The Republican Party has no bottom to morals, hypocrisy, cruelty, honor, or integrity. These are just words to run on. How can anyone ever trust an elected official when they lied straight to your face on multiple fronts?

For republicans it is easy. It’s what they do. They live on the lie. They support liars. They win on lies. Today they continue the Big Lie about losing elections. And they continue to support the biggest liar in American history, Donald Trump.

Now they have another liar to admire. Welcome to the party Congressman Elect Santos.

That tree had one job.

December 26, 2022

Greg Abbott is nothing but a cruel, crippled jackass of a human being.

Maybe Abbott is still mad about his mistake of running under a tree being cut down leaving hm a crippled, vindictive, cruel human being. Maybe he is taking the anger of being crippled out on the families of gun violence or the women and children of immigrants coming to our country looking for a better place to live. Or maybe he is just an asshole.

On Christmas Eve while Abbott was reaching up to get a warm cup of wassail he was sticking immigrant women and children, some without shoes, on buses to be shipped like cattle to Washington DC in freezing weather. He thinks it’s cute. He gets a virtual boner just thinking about it. It’s nothing but cruel. Just plain cruel. It is especially cruel playing games with immigrant families that came her LEGALLY on Christmas Eve, the night before the birth of little baby Jesus who Abbott claims to worships.

My suggestion for Abbott is to go back to church and get a prop so he could drop to his knees and ask for forgiveness for his acts of sick, cruelty to other vulnerable human beings because he is going to hell. The acts of cruelty he has shown to the families who lost their kids in shootings across the state and his act of cruelty on Christmas Eve has punched his ticket to hell where he will be received with open arms.

And every Texan who voted for this crippled human being should also go to church, join Abbott on his knees, and beg for forgiveness for putting this man in office.

How to fix the Republican Party Part VII: Stop demonizing Mexicans

December 14, 2022

The bumper sticker to the left was actually being sold at a Colorado gas station.

The United States allows immigrants, who surrender themselves to ports of entry, to legally enter the United States and remain in the US if justified. There are others who enter the United States illegally by other means.

Unfortunately the Republican Party has targeted these individuals, no matter if they entered legally or not, as terrorists, rapists, and drug dealers (sound familiar). They do this because it works. It rallies the gun toting nut jobs. It encourages them to drive to a Walmart on the border and shoot the invaders, killing men, women, and children. They encourage hatred towards immigrants, specifically Mexicans, or anyone who looks Mexican. But you don’t hear them focus their hatred towards Cubans, or Germans, or others who enter the United States illegally.

This isn’t by accident. The Republican Party runs on immigration. Every fucking election they are whining about immigration. They have no serious solutions and have never proposed serious solutions because they do not want to solve the issue. If they did what would they run on? What would they blame Democrats for? They can’t run on abortion anymore, or family fucking values. The Party has been in power in Texas for over 20 years and haven’t moved one inch closer to solving the immigration problem.

Here is an idea. How about focusing your hatred and guns towards your donors? How about hating the very people who are hiring illegal workers to build houses, cook food at restaurants, and provide other services. If your damn donors would quit hiring the workers, they wouldn’t come here to work!!!

The leaders of the Republican Party are making the immigration problem worse and they are getting people killed. We have an immigration problem and we need common sense, intelligent, leaders to fix this problem. We don’t need a bunch of racist assholes using immigration as a campaign stunt. Do your party and the country a favor, grow the fuck up and fix the *oddamn problem.

How to fix the Republican Party Part VI: Dump Trump

December 13, 2022

The Republican Party is full of crap.

The best thing that can happen to the Republican Party is for the Department of Justice to file charges against Trump for mishandling the secret documents and/or his role in the Jan 6 insurrection. This would give cover to many of the spineless leaders in the party and would allow them to dump trump without much effort.

The party needs to get rid of this pile of shit stuck in their bowls. He isn’t going to be president again. He isn’t going to be reinstated. He isn’t going to win the republican nomination. People are tired of him. He is a rotten excuse for a human being. At first trump was fun. He was different. He “tells it like it is” but it’s getting old and it’s losing the party elections. He has to be expelled. Now.

Unfortunately for the members of the Republican Party stepping in a pile of crap and spreading it in house, your car, and your neighbors house is not easy to get rid of. The stink will last for a long time and your neighbors will not forget it. It may take a few election cycles to rid yourself of this MAGAt and the MAGAts that followed. It will not be easy and it may hurt, but it needs to be done.

So do yourself a favor. Take a seat. Take your time. Take a dump.

Secret speaker list in favor of the book banning resolution at League City Council Meeting

December 12, 2022

This is some great gum shoe-ing! (I can’t take credit for it)

Last weeks League City City Council meeting spent almost 2 hours taking comments from 53 individuals against their book banning resolution. These individuals were required to sign in prior to the meeting and the video of the lobby shows them signing in.

There were 11 individuals who spoke in favor of the resolution but none of them are on the list to speak. None of them are in the video of the lobby prior to the meeting starting. So….how did Mayor Nick Long know who to call if their names were not on the list? Also the first to voice her oppositions knew beforehand what the others were going to say. It was clearly a coordinated event.

I would bet one of the Council members, after getting hammered by those who were against the resolution, sent a text to someone (Possibly Scott Bowen?) to round up the troops and voice some support of what they were doing. An Open Records request has been made for the list of the missing names yet League City has yet to respond. It’s easy to find the names since they were announced on the video of the meeting. That secret list was probably provided to the Mayor by Justin Hicks who sponsored the resolution. It really didn’t matter. Council was going to pass the resolution regardless of the outcry. It passed only by 4-3.

The list contains some extreme far right individuals including Scott Bowen, CCISD Trustee, Jeff Foxworth who leads the “I hate CCISD” group (or something like that). Also included at the end is Council Member Justin Hick’s wife. Was this illegal? Against City rules? Who knows. The missing 11 are below. I’m surprised that Christine Parizo didn’t shown up!

Demree Jennings
Joshua Foxworth
Rhonda Dohr
Rachel Judd
Justin Russell
Chuck McWirther
Richard Lewis
TC Judd
Tiffany Chapa
Scott Bowen
Sherrie Russell
Deborah Hicks

How to fix the Republican Party Part V: Put away your fuckin guns

December 12, 2022

State Representative Dennis Paul lives 2 blocks from me. I see him occasionally on the greenbelt. We usually say hello, how are you, etc. After the Uvalde massacre I started the conversation with “What the fuck is wrong with you Dennis?”. It went down hill from there. I called Dennis Paul every name in the book and I was loud about it. He is a rotten human being. He is a rotten christian. He is going to hell. I strongly recommended that he talk with his priest at Saint Bernadette’s church to ask for forgiveness for putting that gun in the hands of that 18 year old.

I’m done being nice about this.

Prior to the Santa Fe massacre Paul would prance around the voting center sporting his stupid looking NRA hat. He thought it was cute. 10 families in Santa Fe, 25 in El Paso, 21 in Uvalde probably thought otherwise. After Santa Fe Paul voted for open carry and then 2 years later voted for permit less carry allowing anyone to carry a loaded AR-15 dressed like GI Joe in public. He also voted to allow Texans to buy a silencer.

Families are being destroyed by gun violence in Texas and all Paul, the great self proclaimed goddamned Catholic, can do is to put more guns on the street. So has the entire Republican Party. It’s perverted. It’s sick. We live in a state where an 18 year old can buy a military style assault weapon, hundreds of rounds of body armor piercing bullets, a silencer, high capacity clips, body armor, dressed like GI Joe and walk around in public. It used to be a conservative value to consider anyone armed in public a danger to the public. Now it is just what living in Texas means.

This is just plain stupid and dangerous. How many more Christians, children, parents, students, have to die before Dennis Paul and the Republican Party does something? I thought it was the senseless killing of 21 children in Sandy Hook would have been the breaking point, or the killing of 26 christians praying in church, or the 11 Jews killed in a Synagogue, or the 10 kids in Sante Fe. I really thought the massacre of 19 10 year olds with heads blown off and internal body organs turned to mush would have done it but it didn’t.

But the tide is turning. It’s coming. It has to stop. Republicans need to restore conservative values about gun ownership. They need to treat guns like their dicks:

  • Don’t talk about your guns
  • Don’t compare your guns with others in public
  • Don’t play with your guns
  • Don’t show off your guns
  • Don’t pull your gun out unless you intend to use it
  • And don’t walk about in public with your gun in your hands or sticking out of your pants

Fuck you Dennis.

OMG! Harris County Republican Party continues to whine.

December 8, 2022

It just isn’t going to stop.

Harris County Republican candidate for the 189th Judicial seat has filed a lawsuit demanding a new election, one that she lost by 6000 votes. What a bunch of whiny ass, little bitches. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Republican judicial candidate Erin Lunceford filed a petition Wednesday seeking a new election in Harris County’s 189th judicial district court race after losing by 2,743 votes out of more than 1 million ballots cast.

Lunceford’s opponent, Democrat Tamika Craft, won the election by 0.26 percent of the vote.

Lunceford needs to grow a pair and quit whining. Now granted, Tamika Craft should have never won the Democratic Primary over a very good Judge, Judge Dollinger, and she shouldn’t have won the general either. She is just that bad of a candidate but that isn’t the point. The point is she won. By 6000 votes. If Lunceford wants a recount, then ask for it. Do it. Just like everyone else has. Then shut the hell up whether you win or lose.

But for fuck sakes, quit the fuckin whining.

How to fix the Republican Party Part IV: Stop attacking our Gay community

December 7, 2022

It just make you want to ask the question that needs to be asked.

What the fuck is wrong with you? It’s 2022. You have friends who are gay. Your kids teachers are gay. Your elected officials are gay. The guy driving next to you might be gay. They are our friends, our relatives, our kids and yet the Republican Party can’t stop attacking them based upon their “family values”.

Seriously what the living fuck is wrong with you? Yesterday the all white, male, christian, city council members of League City Texas narrowly passed a resolution to ban books based upon their christian values. It’s nothing but an attack on the gay community. It’s happening all across this country with Governor Desantis signing a “Don’t be gay” bill and with Texas to follow suit. Republican candidates across the country have targeted the gay community as well as their mouthpieces of Fox News and other extreme white wing commentators.

Their actions, words, and hate are getting people killed. It needs to stop. The Republican Party runs on hate. Hate for Mexicans, Gays, teachers, law enforcement, Muslims, Jews, Blacks, and other non-white Christians. It just needs to stop before more are killed.

It’s as if the Republican Party is stuck in Germany . During the 1930’s.

League City SausageFest green lights book burning

December 7, 2022

Last nights League City Council meeting was a total sausage fest.

The all white male members of the League City Council voted to beginning their purging of books from the city’s public library. On a split 4-3 vote and after almost 3 hours of comments from the community the Council approved a resolution, disguised as a resolution to protect children, that will open the door to banning books. It’s as if it was the 1930’s again. In Germany.

43 individuals including Republicans, librarians, men and women with advanced degrees in education, religious leaders, and others voiced their opposition to this unnecessary mingling into the work of Librarians. Only 10 individuals spoke in favor, many from an obscure church, and CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen, identifying himself as a Trustee. (Bowen doesn’t even live in League City and does NOT represent the CCISD Board or his constituents on this matter.)

The comments from the Librarians, who have advanced degrees in education, stated that this poorly thought resolution was not necessary. They were creating a solution for a problem that does not exist. Books are currently screened by professionals, not religious zealots or political freaks. Four of the members didn’t care and voted for it anyway. Usually resolutions are passed unanimously with the authors working with everyone to come up with wording that everyone could stand united on. That didn’t happen last night.

Let’s hope that all these white, wholesome, christian, males pushing this book ban based upon their family values are never caught cheating on their wife or breaking the law because that would be a delicious treat to share. They could use the fire from the books to cook it.

How to fix the Republican Party Part III: Stop being a racist party

December 6, 2022

It’s 2022 and yet we still have to remind republicans that racism is bad. It’s real bad.

Back in 2008 after the election of President Obama the Republican Party spent millions to reach out for new voters. They found them waving the confederate flag, carrying guns, and hiding under their hoods of racism. These people have now taken over the Republican Party with real conservatives just hanging on for the ride afraid to speak out against racism of any shape or form.

Racism in the Republican Party has explode across the country. Elected officials and leaders of various state and county parties have made racist comments followed by resignations but conservatives refuse to denounce them. As an example Houston City Councilman Greg Travis made a racist comment about Michelle Obama. The community demanded his resignation while the other “conservatives” on City Council sat in silence. The chair of the Harris County Republican Party posted a racist meme which ended his 6 figure job with Pasadena and resulted in his resignation all while most republicans were silent.

Here is a bit of advice for the Republican Party. Racism is not a conservative value. When anyone associated with your party says something that is racially charged party members should immediately and strongly condemn their actions, demand an apology, and then remove them from any committee assignments if applicable. The action must be swift and severe in order to set an example for others who think saying something racist is funny.

What you don’t do is stay silent. It makes you look like a fuckin racist.

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