Harris County Republican Party to host a COVID superspreader event

October 29, 2020

You got to be kidding me.

The Harris County Republican Party is holding a Get Out the Vote rally and concert this Sunday. Now to be fair I’ve been to a GOTV rally recently but it was outside and required social distancing and masks. I doubt the HCRP has any intentions of being safe, after all, the COVID pandemic is still a hoax to many of them.

The event is sponsored by Chris Daniel a candidate for Harris County Tax Collector but there is no record of his campaign paying for the venue. The event features republican candidates and elected officials of  The Who’s Who of Who’s Dat. This includes Congressman Randy Weber of Galveston County, a handful of House candidates, the President of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association Marty Lancton, and Carmen Montiel Miss Venezuela. (seriously)

Missing in this field of COVID deniers are Wesley Hunt, candidate for CD7, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Kevin Brady, Republican House members, and Lt Governor Dan Patrick. No shows. So far. 

So if you are interested in attending a super spreader event you have one right here in Houston during another wave of COVID. By the way, yesterday the United States recorded a record breaking 81,000 new COVID cases with Texas leading the way with over 7100.

Have fun!

Baptists praise Texas Gov Greg Abbott's order to close bars

August 10, 2020

The Texas Association of Holy Evangelicals issued the following statement concerning the bar closures ordered by Governor Greg Abbott:

Praise the Lord for God’s intervention and the courage of our great Governor. Since the repeal of the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution, Prohibition, the Baptists of Texas has urged state leaders to end the sale of alcohol in our great state. Alcohol in any form has contributed to the downfall of our great state, infecting young adults at the early age. It has resulted in alcoholism, addiction to drugs, unwanted pregnancies and adulterous activity. It truly is the devil’s nectar. 

The members of the Association of Holy Evangelicals (ASSHOLES) are firmly behind Greg Abbott’s and the Republican Party’s order to close bars across Texas.

The ASSHOLES of the Republican Party will celebrate at the Redneck Bar and Grill Monday evening with an open bar…..oh wait….

Louie Gohmert. The Texas Aggie Joke

July 30, 2020

It’s karma. It’s deserving. It’s almost funny, if it wasn’t so serious. From the Houston Chronicle:

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, has tested positive for the new coronavirus, Politico and ABC News confirmed Wednesday morning. 

Gohmert, who spends ample time on the U.S. House floor without a mask, was one of several Texas officials scheduled to fly to West Texas this afternoon with President Donald Trump, Politico reported. He reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 during a pre-screen at the White House.

Gohmert is a bad Aggie Joke. He graduated from Texas A&M in 1975, was in the Corps of Cadets, and a Brigade Commander. He was able to win his seat in congress after Tom Delay and the Republican Party re-redistricted the state providing a safe, solid republican district, one he would never have to seriously defend. His constituents in return got Louie, the Aggie Joke. He has accomplished about as much Bernie Sanders, passing only 1 bill in 16 years,

He along with Congressman Gym Jordon is the Beavis and Butthead of Congress. He is a clown and acts like one during hearings. He is like Trump using racists language like “Terror babies”. He makes unsubstantiated claims about immigrants and other subjects. He routinely refuses interviews except to be on Fox News. He is the boot licker of the House for Donald Trump.

Gohmert is a racist joke. He represents his district well.

Will CCISD send your kids to COVID Classes? Tune in today

July 20, 2020

The Clear Creek Independent School District will have a special meeting to discuss sending our kids, teachers, friends, relatives, and neighbors to COVID Classes in mid August. With an out of control pandemic the Trustees have a big decision to make.

They could delay opening opting for virtual learning until the virus is under control like HISD has done and many other school districts. Or they can follow the leadership of President Trump and Governor Abbott and re-opening the classrooms. I hope they remember how re-opening Texas turned out. Texas is now a hotspot for infections. Over 4000 Texans have died. Our hospitals are at capacity. Our health care workers are over worked. Our parents are scared. (and should be)

The Trustees probably have their minds made up already and teachers will be the next group of people to be sacrificed to the COVID god. You would think that a group of Trustees (minus 1) that claims to be science based would realize that sending students and teachers into a classroom is just plain stupid. It’s not ignorant. It’s stupid.

You can watch the meeting today at 4:30 here: www.ccisd.net/boardmeeting

Primary Runoff. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly

July 15, 2020

The primary runoff was delayed from May to July because of the COVID crisis. Greg Abbott wanted the virus to be completely out of control before he let us vote. He did a fine job with over 10,000 new COVID cases on Election Day.

The Good
MJ Hegar won the primary for Uniteds States Senate and will face John COVID Cornyn. MJ is different. She is exciting. She is a combat veteran. She took the same oath that John Cornyn took but unlike Cornyn, I believe she would honor that oath. Senator Royce West was close behind MJ. He also would have been a great nominee.

Chrysta Castenada is our nominee for Railroad Commissioner. Chrysta is an excellent candidate for the position.

The Bad
Democrats lost big with a win by Tamika Craft for the 14th Court of Appeals. Tamika was endorsed by one Democratic organization. She refused to be screened for other endorsements unlike her opponent who was very well qualified and should have been our nominee. If you are really concerned about the 14th Court of Appeals you might want to skip this race.

The Ugly
Kathaleen Wall spent $7.5 million of her own money to get her ass kicked in the republican primary. She only got 24% of the vote. In 2018 she spent $6 Million to come in 3rd place. Unlike Wall, Tony Nehls couldn’t raise much money and hasn’t much left. Hopefully Nehls, another Trump loving republican, will be a loser in November.

Constable Chris Diaz. Diaz’s multiple shenanigans finally caught up with him. He can now focus his time on the lawsuit filed by 12 of his employees. Diaz was a disappointment.

Alexandra SmootsThomas. Alexandra was indicted for stealing campaign money. She shouldn’t have run. 

Tx Representative Money Mayes Middleton: Money Matters

April 15, 2020

State Representative “Money” Mayes Middleton from Galveston has gathered a few of his republican buddies and wrote to Governor Abbott to urge him to return the state to work.

“We need you to open the state so a few Texans can be the guinea pigs for this viral experiment. Sure some, maybe many, will die, but my stock options need your help and their sacrifice.”

Ok. That isn’t what he wrote, but you get the idea. Money Mayes put $2.5Million of his own money into his run for State Representative spending 5 times more than what would have been necessary if the race was competitive. It wasn’t. Not even close. This is a new thing for the Republican Party. Find a rich person, let them use their own money, hope for a win. Some have not been successful such as Kathaline Walls and Tony Buzbee. They lost in an embarrassing fashion. Mayes won his race and is serving up his constituents to the virus.

Money’s letter contains the new dog whistle calling the COVID-19 the “Wuhan virus”, Wuhan being a replacement for China. He only got 8 other republicans to sign this letter, notably missing is State Representative Dennis Paul in an adjacent district. Paul’s wife is Asian-American. He did get the signature of Little Baby Briscoe from Baytown but considering Briscoe’s radical, racist comments in the past, that was expected. And he got right wing nut Tony Tinderholdt who is working on his 5th or 6th marriage. Others who signed on are:

Matt Krause
Valoree Swanson
Bill Zeldler
Matt Schaefer
Kyle Biedermann
Mike Lang
Tony Tinderholdt

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