Another Trump brown nose enters the race: Galveston County Judge Mark Henry

July 2, 2021

There is nothing worse or more embarrassing than a ass kisser, especially in Texas. Galveston County Judge Mark Henry joins the race and sticks his nose up trump’s butt in a way that would make any Texan blush.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry has committed $6.6 million from county funds to building the border wall that won’t be built in order to please his shadow president and Governor Abbott who also has his head stuck up trump’s butt looking for votes. According to the Houston Chronicle:

The order also dedicated up to $6.6 million, or 10 percent, of the funds allocated to the county through the American Rescue Plan to help with the construction of a permanent border wall once a plan is finalized, Henry said. Additionally, the order established a task force that will coordinate with the state Department of Public Safety to determine how law enforcement can best help at the border.

Texas has a long history of calling out kiss asses. We ridicule them. We call them suck ups, boot lickers, brown losers, and more. Now the once great Republican Party is racing to kiss the loser’s ass in order to gain his support. What a bunch of cowards.

Henry joins Governor Abbott, Texas Attorney General Paxton and Land Commissioner Pedro Bush in the race to kiss ass.

Republican cancel culture checklist

April 14, 2021

 Who is next?

What we want to hear tonight at the #DemocraticDebate

September 12, 2019
Pic via NBC News

It’s Texas. We are in play this year. Our republican leadership has failed us on immigration, gun violence, health care and bleeding local governments dry. We need help. Tell us how you can help.

We are tired of mass shootings in Texas where we have guns on demand. In just 6 short years we have lost students, shoppers, worshipers, bystanders, and police officers due to gun violence using military style weapons. We are tired of wondering if we will be next. Our leadership calls for thoughts and prayers and round table discussions. The thoughts aren’t working. The prayers go unanswered. The round tables end in no action. They have done nothing.

There is a humanity crisis on our borders which our leaders have ignored year after year using it for campaign fodder instead of solving the issue. Trump has made it worse. Horribly and deadly worse. Again we need adult supervision.

Our healthcare costs continue to skyrocket even after we passed massive tort reform 15 years ago with the promise of more healthcare providers providing more competition and lower rates. It didn’t work. We have the highest number of uninsured in the nation. Costs are too high. Our state is sick.

So tell us what you are going to do to end the violence, solve our humanity crisis on the border, and to insure our families are cured when they are sick and stay healthy.

We are listening.

Why do you have to be a dick about everything: Galveston County Young Republicans

June 26, 2019

Every now and then you have to ask the question “Why do you have to be a dick about everything?”.

The Republican Party is raising a new crop of dicks in Galveston County. Joining the bag of dicks which include Trump, Louie Gohmert, Sid Miller, and the Harris County Republican Party, the Galveston County Young Republicans reached down into their pants and whip out the following:

Children are dying, locked up in filthy cages not fit for a dog, and they think this is funny, cute. Congratulations to the GCYR for joining the bag of dicks.

Little Baby Briscoe wants his wall

February 12, 2019

Texas State Representative Briscoe Cain of Deer Park has been known to look and act like a 12 year old. 

Last year State Representative Briscoe Cain from Deer Park had a temper tantrum vowing legislation in retaliation to the walkouts of April 20th to honor students killed at Columbine High School. He the was removed from the Texas Democratic Convention after flashing his concealed weapon prompting his mother to respond:

“I am so sorry for my son’s behavior. I have told him to not play cops and robbers in the open and to never take his toy guns out of the house. I intend to whoop his ass once I get him home.”

Baby Briscoe is at it again this time filing a bill to take $2.5 Billion out of the rainy day fund and use it to build his racist wall along the Texas border. From the Statesman Baby Briscoe mimics Donald Trump:

The bill would protect “the security interests of the United States and of Texas” Cain said, and prevent “unlawful entries into the United States and this state, including entries by terrorists, unlawful aliens, and narcotics.” The governor would be authorized to enter into contracts to meet those ends, he said.

Just like trump, Baby Briscoe is a liar. Look for his mommy to whoop his ass behind the tool shed or maybe someone in the district is willing to challenge his baby ass on in 2020.

List of Tx Congressmen on the fence for Trump wall

January 12, 2019

Here is a list of all 36 members of the House and their support of Trump’s wall. Some key notes:

  • 36 members from Texas 13 Democrats and 23 Republicans
  • All 13 Democrats are a NO.
  • 5 Republicans are a NO
  • 2 Republicans are wishy washy and will not commit




1 Louie Gohmert R Yes “We’ve got to stand firm on getting money for the wall. We have got to stand firm on that.”
2 Dan Crenshaw R Yes We should not only build the wall but also ramp up tech-savvy ways to secure our border, like drones and sensors
3 John Taylor R Yes
4 John Ratcliffe R Yes “I was proud to vote for the passage of $5.7 billion to fund the wall along our Southern Border,”
5 Lance Gooden R Yes. “On today’s agenda: 1) drain the swamp and 2) FUND THE WALL!”
6 Ron Wright R YesI applaud President Trump’s decision to send the National Guard to protect our border. Congress should support the president on this including fully funding the wall”
7 Lizzie Fletcher D No
8 Kevin Brady R Yes I voted to stand with President Trump in his call to fully fund the border wall
9 Al Green D No ““=Building what President Trump calls ‘a big, beautiful border wall’ is a ‘clear, simple, and wrong’ answer to a complex immigration problem. To be clear, every sovereign country has the right and duty to control its border. However, we should not create a false sense of security with a pseudo-panacean wall when the problem is much more complex.”
10 Michael McCaul R Wishy Washy “You have to understand, too, that a 30-foot concrete wall is a very expensive proposition. And there are a lot of other things we can be doing technologywise to make it a smart border that’s more effective and more cost efficient.”
11 Mike Conaway R No. Voted NO on building a fence along the Mexican border.
12 Kay Granger R No She said Trump’s call for a wall between the United States and Mexico would hurt our relationship with the country.  
13 Mac Thornberry R No A prominent Republican said Tuesday he does not want money allocated for the military to be used for a border wall between the United States and Mexico.
14 Randy Weber R Wishy Washy Supports fences.
15 Vicente Gonzalez D No“I want to see a wire transfer from the federal government of Mexico to the United States Treasury for that wall,”
16 Veronica Escobar D No “We know walls don’t work, that they don’t stop drugs. That they don’t stop migration,”
17 Bill Flores R NoNo. We need border integrity. Border integrity is a physical barrier where a physical barrier makes sense, where it’s feasible to have one. The bulk of the Texas border doesn’t represent an area where a wall is feasible.”
18 Sheila Jackson Lee D No
19 Jodey Arrington R Yes Whether it’s a loser or not politically, this is the right thing to do.
20 Joaquin Castro D No
21 Chip Roy R YesFully fund and build the border wall immediately.
22 Pete Olson R Yes. In a competitive district.
23 Will Hurd R No. Barely won in 2018, “Building a wall from sea to shining sea is the most expensive and least effective way to do border security. We need to allow the men and women in Border Patrol to adjust their tactics, techniques and procedures as they see fit. You can’t have a one-size-fits-all solution,” he said in a statement to the Tribune. “What works in San Diego doesn’t necessarily work in Tucson, and you need something different in El Paso. In heavily populated places a wall can be a useful tool. It’s just one more tool in your toolkit used to solve this problem.”
24 Kenny Marchant R YesWe need to fulfill the will of the people and most of the feedback I’ve received from my district is to vote to fund the wall.”
25 Roger Williams R Yes U.S. Representative Roger Williams, District 25 (R-Austin), discusses why he believes increased funding for a wall on the U.S. southern border is necessary.
26 Michael Burgess R Yes “Trump’s support for a border wall is refreshing.”
27 Michael Cloud R YesCongress must fully fund the border wall”
28 Henry Cuellar D No “If you want to secure the border from letting drugs come in, a wall is not going to help because if you look at the latest DEA report, most of the drugs that come into the United States come through ports,” 
29 Sylvia Garcia D No
30 Eddie Bernice Johnson D No “A border wall will not achieve the goal that President Trump seeks to accomplish and I disagree with its premise to keep all immigrants out of our country. Furthermore, building a 2,000 mile long wall along our southern border is not only a knee jerk reaction to our issues with immigration, it is fiscally irresponsible. 
31 John Carter R Yes“It’s time to build that wall,” Carter said. “If you don’t want people from Austin, liberals like the folks who most of us moved up here to get away from, if you don’t want them running … you gotta wake up with this election.”
32 Colin Alred D No He says he supports border security, but characterizes the $5.7 billion Trump wants for the border wall as a waste of money.
33 Marc Veasey D No
34 Filemon Vela Jr. D No. Told Trump to stick his wall up his ass.
35 Lloyd Doggett D No “For our Nation of immigrants, a wall rejects our very history. A wall is not about America leading the world, a wall is about trying to shut off the rest of the world.
36 Brian Babin R Yes. “I am proud of President Trump for drawing a line and insisting that we fulfill the promise we made to the American people in 2016 to build the wall” Won his re-election 73-27

Before Republicans start yelling CIVILITY NOW!

November 16, 2018

The Party of Trump is in no position to be running around calling for CIVILITY NOW! CIVILITY NOW!

Over the last three years the Republican Party has embraced, endorsed, and encouraged the behavior of Trump and has mimicked him to attack individuals and groups. Now after a single appearance on Saturday Night Live by one of their new Congressmen they are calling for civility. Really? REALLY? The Republican Party is the last group of people who should be calling for civility from anyone.

This is the party that mocked a disabled American. They have hurled and continue to hurl racist insults towards Latinos, African Americans, and others. They labeled our Muslims Americans as terrorists. They cheered while young brown children were separated from their parents and put into cages. Their women cheered while their leaders referred to them as C***s. They watched silently while their party leaders acted like rotten human beings using unfounded fears to win elections. They lied, over and over and over again on a daily basis. They have embraced every single conspiracy theory with no basis of facts whatsoever. They re-elected candidates who are mired in felony indictments. They mocked mothers who lost their children to gun violence. They trample on the rule of law especially those involved with Russia. And they have tolerated and endorsed those who continue to be lying, racist, law breaking, rotten human beings.

The Republican Party has no right to be calling for civility now. They have the right to shut up and learn how to be human again. They need to clean their own house, throw out the racists,  mysogynists, liars, cheats, criminals, and rotten human beings and those who tolerate them from their ranks. Then, and only then, can they start yelling CIVILITY NOW! CIVILITY NOW!

Clean your own damn pig sty before asking your neighbors to tidy their house.

Rebooting the Harris County Republican Party

November 13, 2018

The out going Harris County Judge, Ed Emmett, says the Harris County Republican Party needs a reboot after getting a boot shoved so far up their butt their breath will smell like Desenex for the next two years. Emmett waited a bit too long to finally speak up.

I’m sure the HCRP is not interested in very pointed ideas coming from a former Republican but here are some ideas they might want to consider:

  1. Dump Trump. You made a mistake in 2016. Trump has turned your party into a group of racist, lying, cheating, conspiracy theory, rotten assholes. That stench might be hard to wash off but wash you must.
  2. Don’t be racist. It’s sad someone has to tell you not to be a racist. Racism is bad. Really, really, baaaaad. Not only should you not be a racist you should speak out against those who are., immediately and forcefully. Your party tolerates and condones racism. That must stop.
  3. Stop acting like a bag of dicks. Seriously. Why do you have to praise people like Sid Miller the mini trump of the Texas Republican Party. Can’t you at least act as if you have the title “The Honorable” in front of your name?
  4. Don’t call women the C word. Again. Why do we have to tell you this? You are not in Jr. High. Grow up and treat women with respect and call out those who don’t. If you are a republican woman who is condoning this type of behavior maybe a course on self esteem is warranted.
  5. Stop suppressing the vote. Everyone citizen has the right to vote and should have the right to exercise that right. You act like you want to restrict voting by making it harder to register and harder to vote. Stop it.
  6. Dump the NRA. They have become a boat anchor. Americans are tired of being shot. High school kids are rising up for this issue alone. You are on a long term losing path. Even the NRA was silent during this election. They are hurting you. No one is coming for your guns. Start acting like it.
  7. Stop lying. No one is coming for our guns. There isn’t an invasion coming from the south. There is no voter fraud. There is no need for a voter ID. There were no WMDs. Stop lying to your party members.
  8. Stop spending money. What the hell happened to the “Fiscally Conservative” party? Our country under republican rule now has a $1Trillion deficit just so your party could give your donors a huge tax cut.
  9. Embrace health care. No one wants to mortgage their house to pay for treatment for their kids. Your health care plan has failed. 
  10. Stop saying “Conservative”.  And finally, you are not conservative. Stop saying your are. You no longer have conservative or family values. As I have said before:

Conservatives do not mock the disabled.
They don’t create massive out of control deficits.
They don’t make jokes about those dying of cancer.
They don’t violate or ignore the laws of our country.
They don’t tolerate sexual abuse.
They don’t tolerate family violence.
They don’t interrupt people while talking.
They don’t call people names.
They don’t say racist things.
They don’t refer to Native Americans as “Pocahontas”
They don’t make fun of other peoples language.
They don’t call people of color “rapists”.
They don’t call Muslims “terrorists”.
They don’t endorse hate groups, the KKK, or white supremacy.
They don’t disrespect elected officials even those they disagree with.
They don’t lie. Every. Single. Day.
They don’t walk around with loaded assault weapons in public.

Where's the County Judge? (Ed Emmett)

November 4, 2018

I just can’t believe Emmitt would ask this question in a mailer. In a previous post I have said No on Ed:

Emmett had the opportunity to restore his party to what it once was, a party that campaigned on “Family values” instead of family separation. A party that embraced facts and figures instead of deception, dishonesty and lies. A party that respected the rule of law instead of ignoring the law based upon who rules. He had the opportunity to stop his party from further moral erosion when their leader mocked a disabled American or a woman debate moderator. He had the opportunity to use his leadership to stop his party from unleashing angry, hateful attacks on Hispanics, Muslims, teachers, women, civil servants, the disabled, the gay community, and other constituents. Instead he sat quietly in the corner. This is a failure by Judge Emmett of moral leadership.

So Emmett has asked a good question. Where was Ed Emmett

Where was Emmett when his County Clerk, Stan Stanart, was posting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on his re-election website?

Where was Emmett when his County Clerk was not following the law at the polling locations?

Where was Emmett when his party went off on a racist tangent?

Where was Emmett when his party dismantled the Affordable Care Act leaving us to pay the County’s bills for those who cannot afford health care?

Where was Emmett when his president mocked a disabled American?

Where was Emmett when the leader of his party called for massive tariffs?

Where was Emmett when his party passed the right to walk around with an AR-15 in public agains the wishes of law enforcement?

Where was Emmett when his party wasted money on a bathroom bill targeting the transgender community?

I’ll tell you where Ed was. He was hunkered down in a dark corner waiting for the racist storm of his party to pass by before he sticks his head out and act like he cares. I cant give Ed a pass on this. I can’t give anyone with an (R) behind their name a pass. As far as I am concerned the (R) does not stand for Republican anymore.

Why do you have to be a dick about everything: Stan Stanart

October 29, 2018

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart has joined Louie Gohmert, Sid Miller, and Donald trump in the “Why do you have to be a dick about everything?” club. 

Stan Stanart was elected back in 2010 during the tea bagger take over. He has only one job, that is to run the elections in Harris County and he has pretty much sucked at it. (actually he has more than one job but the one he sucks at is the most notable) He is all in for trump. He fully supports a racist, a liar, a rotten human being as the leader of his party and the country. And he just can’t get away from the republican tactic of fear mongering. From the Houston Chronicle:

Stanart’s use of George Soros-related fear-mongering on his campaign website also brings an unnecessary tinge of partisanship to his office and panders to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. His site says that the Jewish Hungarian billionaire “wants to control Harris County Elections” — a bizarre and inaccurate claim. Stanart told us it was based on a rumor that later turned out to be untrue, but he never changed the website. 

Even after the shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue which killed 11 people and wounded 4 police officers, Stanart has refused to change the content on his website. This goes beyond fear mongering. It goes beyond running a hard campaign. This is just another republican, Stan Stanart, being a racist, rotten, dick about everything.

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